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20mm CNC Compression Spring Coiling Machine

Compression Spring coiling machine

1.  Machine frame: the whole machine frame (body) is directly processed from  thick steel plate, avoiding frame deformation because of welding stress when the frame is welded from thin steel plate, increasing frame rigidness . And the whole machine is 4000KGS more weight because of this. 
2.   Gear processing: all gears are produced by Shenyang Machine Group Gear Company , finished machining through quenching and grinding according to 6 Grade accuracy, ensuring quality stable and reliable .
3.   Gear design: the gear flexural strength exceeds m8 calculated according to torque of 55KW servo motor (Yaskawa),and it also should select and use modulus of m8 acording to the result of contact strength calculation. So we give up design proposal of m6, and adopt 
m8 proposal. 
4.   Closed square hole of wire feeding slider on the front frame is more stable than unilateral opened square hole, avoiding bearing concentric problem of front and back wall (frame) because of square hole deformation. 
5.   Cutting reducer: the cutting reducer avoids shortcoming of big noise, poor precision and big inertness caused by gear transmission, reduces noise, increases precision, especially decreases inertness, so impact is reduced substantially during motor working, encoder 
protected, lifetime of servo motor is extended. 
6.   The dia.-variating axis adopts dedicated reducer for servo motor, increasing spring precision enormously than  multilevel gear reduction or gearbox reduction. 
7.   Rotating orientation of coiling fork base on the surface of machine frame cannot be locked by gear worm, so rotation of coiling fork will change spring O.D when coiling spring with big wire dia. but small convolute ratio. Change the structure of slider and coiling fork base, adopt method of  jam-packed both sides to adjust finely coiling fork base, then the lock is safe and reliable. 
8.   The dia.- variating and cutting slider adopt quenched Cr12MoV, more wear-resisting and better rigidness than nitride 40Cr.
9.   The pitch motor is driven by 11KW servo motor ,direct connected with high-precision rolling screw through elastic coupling. 4.4KW motor + reducer driving rolling screw through  toothed belt is canceled, making resetting precision through moving  screw pitch claw can reach 0.001mm. And improving linear motion speed of pitch tooling at the same time, making dia.-variating tooling coordinating well with speed of wire feeding axis and dia.-variating axis, operational speed of the whole machine with each axis coordinating improved enormously,  and the productivity (output)  promoted substantially. 
10.  Pitch travel can be more than 200mm, the springs with big pitch can be coiled  conveniently. (90mm pitch travel cannot meet the producing demand of most springs.) 
11.  The pitch screw  overstriking as dia. Φ63, the force and rigidness is improved enormously than Φ50, making increasing speed of pitch axis possible.

This machine is mainly used in the mold production of die springs,machinable bending section modulus less that 260 mm³ rectangular,trapezoidal non-circular cross-section of steel wire and wire diameter Φ6-Φ10mm round wire steel wire.Especially suitable for light load mold spring production.

The main design goal is to coil oil-quenching spring wire below 9 mm with high speed and high precision.With four pairs of wire-feeding rollers, insure feeding without slipping. Wire cutting and dia.- variating all adopt precision servo gearhead  (VGM) to avoid big  gear-driven inertance , servo motors protected and output (productivity) ensured.

If to coil springs with convolute ratio below 4, please inform in advance.

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