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SHJ-4 Snake Type Spring Making Machine

Model SHJ-4 snake type spring making machine is the dedicated machine to make snake type springs used for car seat sushions and sofa. It adopts new technology of microcomputer inverter control and pulse technique, the motor is direct connected with reducer, simple structure, easy operation , process production, fast making, high output. It can make all regular size snake shape springs with wire dia. φ2.5~φ4mm.

According to operating experience and back feeding advice from many customers, we improve our SHJ-4 as following:

  • 1:Transmission rack fixed on the baseboard. In the early, the rack is fixed on the front board, when overhauling the machine,the customer cannot install the rack to the original position after dismounting the front board,making gear clearance increased, springs making unstably.After the improvement, dismounting the front board does not influence the rack working.
  • 2:Direction guide of the transmission rack changed as imported linear guideway from light bar, thus improving machine precision, avoiding losing machine precision because of light bar wear down.
  • 3:Gearing changed to keyless links: In the early, all gears adopt keyed joint. Gearing mesh can be only adjusted taking each tooth as unit,thus the spring crest usually side down. Keyless links can adjust angel-freely, solving thoroughly the trouble of spring crest side down.
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