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XD-208D Spring Machine

XD-208D Spring Machine Details

1. XD-208 compression spring machine is a 2-axis spring machine consisting of wire feeding axis and cam axis. each action from the machine are controlled by its CNC center.
2. The compression spring machine pitch, outside diameter and cutter are commanded by cam motor. while wire feeding is controlled by an independent motor.
3. The spring machine cutter can be adjusted inside and outside of the machine cabinet easily and flexibly.
4. Servo motion system and servo drive controlled,  5.7" control panel, easy to operate.
5. Cam can be moved clockwisely or anti-clockwisely, wire feed length can be change while running the machine.

6. Computer automatically detect temperature of  the motor and slow down running speed to protect the motor from overheating.

7. Computer automatically decelerate according to the timing when the probe should be used.
8. Production speed can be increased or decreased at any time running the machine.
9. Optional accessories: torsion spring attachment device, oil seal device, pneumatic sensor device, spring length gauge.


Technical Parameter:

Model: XD-208D
Wire diameter: φ0.10~0.8mm
Axes: 2 axes
Maximum Outside Diameter: 20mm
Maximum Feeding Length: unlimited
Maximum Manufacture Speed: 550pcs/min
Feed Speed: 1200m/min
Memory Number: 1000PCS
Wire Feed Servo Motor: 1.0KW
Cam Servo Motor: 1.0KW
Power AC: 3-Phase 220V
Dimensions (L*D*H): 850X650X1300MM
Wooden Case Dimension: 1000x1050x1550mm
Machine Weight: 400Kg
Gross Weight: 450Kg
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